Main Event Rush - New Feature

We've added the Main Event Rush feature to enable players to get to the more interesting and challenging parts quicker!
When you activate this feature you will fight *only* Main Event bosses for limited time. Once the Rush has ended you will be shown how many stages you rushed through. 
The duration of the Main Event Rush will vary depending on when you use it in game. If it is used just after you have prestiged it will be active for 1 and a half minutes. If used at any other time it will remain active for 45 seconds. 
You won't be able to access the Main Event Rush straight away, you will need to have prestiged at least 4 times. Once you have hit your 4th prestige, you should be offered the chance to activate the Main Event Rush after prestiging, when opening some in game briefcases and you will also have the option to purchase using in game gold from the store. 
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