Gameplay FAQs

Q. Why is there an entry fee for each course?
A. In Golf of Fury, you and your opponent wager the course entry fee to play. The player with the lowest stroke total wins. And the winner takes all!


Q. How do I play live?
A. Select “Play” from the Main Menu and then select the pink “Play Live!” button at the bottom of the next screen (before selecting 1v1 or Tournament). Playing live only shares your gameplay not your face or voice.


Q. Why should I play live?
A. When you play live you can gain followers and earn bonus rewards such as a 3% bonus on your bet coin winnings.


Q. Why have I been given a penalty?
A. You are given a +1 stroke penalty in the game if you take too long to take your shot, hit the ball into one of the many hazards or hit the ball out of bounds.


Q. How did my opponent get a stroke total of 0 on the last hole?
A. If a player sinks the ball without it touching the green or the sides of the hole, that player receives a Swish bonus that removes 1 shot from their stroke total. In this scenario, your opponent swished the ball on his first attempt.


Q. What is the maximum stroke limit?
A. The stroke limit on each hole is 3 times the par. If you exceed this amount, you will instantly lose the match even if are in the lead.


Q. What happens if the match is tied after the final hole?
A. In Golf of Fury the winner takes all and the lowest stroke total wins. If it’s tied after the final hole, you go to sudden death. The first player to win a hole in the special sudden death course will win the match.


Q. How do I change my username?
A. You can change your player name by tapping the player icon on the top left of the Main Menu and selecting the Edit button underneath your avatar. You can set a new username that is between 4 and 16 characters long. Each name change costs 500 Bet Coin.


Q. How do I change my avatar?
A. You can change the avatar by selecting the Player Icon on the top left of the Main Menu and selecting the Edit button underneath your current avatar. When you are on the Edit Profile screen, select the player icon to bring up a menu where you can select a new avatar.


Q. How do I change my character?
A. You can change your character by selecting the Store icon on the bottom right of the Main Menu and selecting the Character tab. Please note each character costs Cash or Bet Coin. Once you have purchased a new character you need to Equip them by selecting the Equip button.


Q. How do I change the club I’m using?
A. You can change your club by selecting the Store icon on the bottom right of the Main Menu and selecting the Clubs tab. Please note each club costs Cash or Bet Coin. Once you have purchased a new club you need to Equip it by selecting the Equip button.


Q. What are Loot Chests?
A. Every course rewards an exclusive Loot Chest when you win a match. Each chest contains unique loot that can be opened from the Main Menu. To open a chest you must start its countdown timer and wait until it expires before you can receive the contents inside. The time to unlock varies depending on the type of Loot Chest. Gems can be used to decrease the unlock time.


Q. How do I earn Bet Coin?
A. You earn Bet Coin by winning matches, playing the daily minigame, increasing your player level, and achieving course or character mastery. You can also get free Bet Coin by following suggested players.


Q. How do I earn Gems?
A. You can earn Gems by winning matches, increasing your player level and unlocking course or character mastery.


Q. How do I purchase Gem / Bet Coin?
A. You can buy additional Gem or Bet Coin by visiting the Store in game. Select the Store button on the bottom right of the Main Menu and ensure you are viewing the Currency tab.


Q. Why should I unlock Balls and Spells?
A. Balls and spells can be consumed during a golf match to give you an advantage in beating your opponent. The more balls and spells you unlock, the more likely you will have the one you need in any given situation. For example, if you unlock the Sticky Ball, you can use it to minimize your chance in rolling off a cliff edge.


Q. How do I earn Skill Points?
A. The majority of skill points are earned via player level up. But you can also earn additional skill points by achieving course or character mastery. Selecting the Mastery text on the left of the course or character you will see the items you receive for each Mastery level. You can also earn skill points by increasing your social level.


Q. Why should I upgrade my Skill Tree?
A. By upgrading your Skill Tree you can unlock access to ball and spells that can be used to give you an edge in golfing. There are also other skills that improve your club’s performance. And finally there are skills that give you reward bonuses such as increased bet coin winnings. All skill information can be viewed from the Skill Tree accessed from the Main Menu. Remember that each skill can be upgraded multiple times for increased effect.


Q. How do I increase my player level?
A. You earn XP each time you play a match, the amount you earn will vary depending on if you win and if you are playing live. Your player level appears on the top left of your avatar and the amount you’ve earned towards to the next level appears around the outside of the avatar icon as a purple ring.


Q. What is Character Mastery?
A. Each character has multiple Mastery levels, each Bet Coin you receive from winning matches will go towards unlocking the next level of mastery. You can earn skill points, cash, bet coin and all different types of balls. The amount of Bet Coin you need to win to reach the next level is displayed under your current level on the Characters tab in the Store.


Q. What is Course Mastery?
A. Each course has multiple Mastery levels, winning matches will unlock a new level of mastery. You can earn skill points, cash, bet coin and items such as characters or clubs. The amount of matches you need to win to reach the next level is displayed under your current level on the course screen.


Q. Why are there different types of Balls?
A. Due to the numerous hazards on each course there are a number of different ball types that you can equip to help minimize your stroke total. For example: using a fire ball on a larger course will minimize your stroke total as the fire ball will travel further than a regular ball. You will need to unlock each different ball type on the Skill Tree before you are able to use them on the course.


Q. What are Spells?
A. Spells can be used in game to try and gain an advantage against your opponent. For example: throwing down a well timed wind spell can turn your opponents good shot into a bad one.


Q. What is the Party Cup?
A. The Party Cup is a daily free minigame giving you a chance to win extra Bet Coin. Make the smallest cup and win 100,000 Bet Coin!


Q. What is the maximum limit on participating in the Party Cup?
A. Participation in the Party Cup is free once a day. After the first free play, the Party Cup can be played another 5 times by spending Gems to enter and then it will become unavailable until the next day. The Gem cost increases after each play:
    1st play - Free
    2nd play - 10
    3rd play - 20
    4th play - 30
    5th play - 40
    6th play- 50
    Then locked until it resets at the next day at noon PST.


Q. When is the reset time for playing the Party Cup for free?
A. The Party Cup free play resets at noon PST.


Q. How do I get extra Bet Coin and Cash?
A. Select the Free Coins button (Camera Reel icon) in the top right corner of the Main Menu to watch an advert and be rewarded with Cash and Bet Coin. Taking part in the daily Party Cup and following new players will also earn you some Bet Coin.


Q. What is Golf of Fury TV?
A. If you need a break from owning the competition you can tune into GoF TV to view live matches between different skill levels (noobs, amateurs and pros). You can even place bets on a winner to turn a quick profit!


Q. What is the number next to my avatar?
A. This number is your player level. This will increase when you earn XP in the game by winning matches. You will also see this number for other players, helping you gauge how skilled they are at the game before facing them on the course.


Q. How do I add a friend?
A. To add a friend in game you need to swipe left on the Main Menu so that you are on the Golf of Fury TV screen, select the Friends button on the bottom left of the screen, select the Search button on the top right and enter your friends player name (as it appears in game) in the search bar. Once you have found your friend select the green request button next to their name to send them a friend request.


Q. What are social points?
A. Social Points raise your Social Level which is reflective of your performance in the “Live” components of the game. Each time you raise your Social Level, you will earn a sizable amount of Bet Coin.


Q. How do I gain Social points?
A. Social points are earned by playing matches with Live Mode on or by placing bets on Golf of Fury TV.


Q. What are Fury Points and how do I earn them?
A. You earn Fury Points through playing matches and spectator bettings. It’s a point system used to rank yourself against other players.


Q. How do I follow someone?
A. You can follow someone by using the “+” buttons during the Bet Lobby of a Live match.


Q. What benefit is there to following someone?
A. When you follow someone, you will receive a notification every time they play Live (you can customize notifications from the settings menu). This ensures you don’t miss out on watching your favorite players and also provides an opportunity to place bets on players you know are really good and likely to win their games.

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