Connection Troubleshooting Guide

Please check that you have a connection on your device, Kingdom Conquest: Dark Empire can be played over cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

A Wi-Fi or 4G connection is recommended. Performance over 3G or other networks will depend on connection speed and the latency of the connection.

Playing the Game Under "Airplane Mode" or WiFi Only

Depending on the connection environment, there are known cases where cellular and WiFi connections can interfere with each other and cause connection instabilities.  We recommend switching the connection environment to either cellular or WiFi only.

  • From the  device's "Settings" menu, tap "Airplane Mode" (or its equivalent) to toggle off cellular connections
  • Then go to "Wi-Fi" > "ON" to toggle on the WiFi connection only
  • If instability continues, we recommend checking your router settings to accept all connections

Resetting Network Connections

Some data may be left over on devices after each maintenance that could conflict with game play.  Some devices can reset or "flush out" any older network settings which may improve connections. Please be aware that you may lose certain settings such as router passwords and re-configuring may be required.

For iOS:

  • From the "General" screen, select "Reset" from the very bottom of the page
  • From the "Reset" screen, select "Reset Network Settings"

For Android:

  • Please refer to the device's instructions manual on details methods on how to reset your network connections.
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