Sonic Boom Gameplay FAQ

How do I score points?

You earn points for every meter you run. You can also earn points by attacking Enemies and building Combos (see below).


How do I build a Combo?

Combos are a way of increasing your score more quickly during a run. Combos are built by chaining together certain moves within a set time - these include destroying Enemies, ‘dodging’ hazards (avoiding them just before you run into them), going through hoops and running onto Springs or Dash Pads.

As your combo gets bigger, so does the amount of points you score. A combo is lost if you take damage or fail to add to your combo within the required time (shown by the bar on your combo meter).


How do I attack Enemies?

You can attack enemies in two ways. Enemies located on the ground can be attacked by rolling into them (swipe down). Enemies hovering above ground can be attacked by jumping into them (swipe up).


How do I Dash?

You can Dash whenever your ‘Dash Bar’ (located at the top of the screen) fills up. Your Dash Bar is filled by collecting Orbs (blue spheres) on the track.

To Dash, double-tap anywhere on the screen. Your character will then run at high speed and destroy anything they run into, automatically jumping over gaps.


Why should I collect Rings?

Any Rings you collect on the track can be ‘banked’ by entering junctions. Banked Rings are added to your ring balance at the end of each run and can be used to upgrade your Characters and Sprites (see below).

Holding Rings when you are running will also protect you on the track if you run into hazards (spikes and mines) or Enemies, at which point any Rings you were carrying will be lost.


What are Sprites?

Sprites are companion characters that can be equipped each time you run. Each Sprite has a different ability that gives you a benefit or boost whilst running.

There are two types of Sprite: ‘One-Use Sprites’ (as you might expect) can only be used in a single run; ‘Forever Sprites’ can be used repeatedly, remain in your inventory and can be upgraded with Rings.


How do I Evolve a Sprite?

A Sprite can be Evolved when it reaches it’s maximum upgrade level. To Evolve a Sprite you must combine it with three other Sprites. An Evolved Sprite can be upgraded to an even higher level and each Sprite can be Evolved twice.


What are Red Star Rings?

Red Star Rings can be used for certain purchases and upgrades. These include Revives (continuing a run if you die), buying new Characters, and increasing the number of Sprites you can equip in a run or hold in your inventory.

Red Star Rings can be found on the track when running and can also be found in Prize Boxes.


What are Prize Boxes?

Prize Boxes are earned each time you complete a mission or achieve a goal in an Event (see below). Prize Boxes can be opened in the Inbox (accessed by clicking on the mail icon).


What are Events?

Events are special challenges that allow you to earn big prizes and compete against other players. You can take part in an Event by tapping the Events button on the Menu screen and then tapping on the Event you wish to enter from the list.


What are Tickets for?

A ticket is used each time you run in an event. Tickets will replenish over time or can be purchased by tapping on the ticket icon from the Event screen.


What are Junctions for?

Junctions appear at regular intervals during a run. Taking a junction allows you to bank your Rings, change your character and enter a new environment.


What’s the Banking Bonus?

The Banking Bonus multiplies the number of Rings you bank when you enter a junction. Your Banking Bonus starts at x1 and increases each time you enter a junction during a run.


What is Boom Boost?

Boom Boost is a special purchase that gives you additional perks for a set period of time. These include a free revive on each run, the ability to hold more tickets and more free sprites available to collect each day. Boom Boost can be purchased from the store by tapping ‘Other Bundles’ and selecting from the list.

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