Can I move my saved game between two different devices?

Playing one account on multiple devices can only be accomplished with the Facebook Backup feature. Make sure your data is backed up to Facebook on the first device and then please try the following:

  1. Launch the game on the new device and progress through the game until you see the main menu.
  2. Tap the cogwheel located at the top left of the screen or tap help.
  3. Tap "Backup save data with Facebook".
  4. The app will ask you to log into your Facebook account if you aren't already.
  5. After logging in, the app will refresh the game and your old data should be back.

IMPORTANT: Please note, you MUST force close the game on one device before opening it on the next device. Failure to do so will cause issues within the game, such as missing rewards and corrupted or reverted save data.

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