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How can I remove adverts?

A money purchase removes all non-SEGA adverts. You can still choose to view ads in exchange for in-game rewards, and from time to time we may show you other great SEGA games you might like to try. 


Why should I complete missions? 

Missions can award Runner Cards, Rings, Red Star Rings and award guaranteed Rares or Super Rares at higher tiers.


How does matchmaking work?

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle uses a collection of values to match you with competitors. The game takes into account your trophy score and location to match you with similar competitors for the best experience.


Why should I collect Rings in a battle?

Collecting Rings fills your Ring Boost Bar which increases your runner's top speed. The more the bar fills the more your speed increases. You also get to keep the Rings you've collected after each battle which you can use to upgrade your runners.


What are Red Star Rings used for?

You can use Red Star Rings to purchase chests or buy more Rings. You can buy more Red Star Rings in the store.


What are Chests?

All Chests contain rewards. They can include Rings, Red Star Rings and Runner Cards. The amount of rewards in each Chest depends on the type of Chest and the player's tier level.


Battle Chests

These are awarded after each battle. There is a different Battle Chest for each finishing position, with first place containing the most rewards, and fourth place containing the least. A maximum of 25 Battle Chests can be earned each day.


Victory Chests

These are awarded for finishing first or second in a battle. A Victory Chest must be unlocked over a set time before it can be opened and only one Victory Chest can be set to unlock at any time. Victory Chests are usually Silver, but occasionally, a more valuable Chest will be rewarded instead.


Free Chests

A new Free Chest is automatically rewarded four hours after a previous one has been claimed. Up to two Free Chests can be held at once. Free Chests always contain Red Star Rings.


How is each Runner different?

Each runner has three distinct Items they can use in a Battle. Each Runner also has three attributes: Speed, Acceleration and Strength. Speed is the top speed a Runner can reach, Acceleration is how quickly a Runner can reach top speed and Strength is the amount a Runner slows down when they take damage from an attack.


What's an Item?

An Item is a special ability that is equipped by running into an Item Crate. Each Runner has a unique combination of three Items they can pick up: an Attack, a Boost and a Trap. Attacks target other Runners, Boosts act on the player and Traps appear across the track in front of the player. Once equipped, an Item can be used by tapping on its icon at the bottom of the screen. Up to three Items can be equipped at any time.


Why should I upgrade my Runners?

You can upgrade a Runner a set number of times. Each upgrade makes one of the Runner's Items more powerful or increases the number of Rings your Runner starts a battle with. You also earn XP with each upgrade which is used to fill your XP bar and increase your Player Level.


Why should I increase my Player Level?

You receive two upgrades each time your player level increases: Ring Boost and Attack Resistance. Ring Boost is the amount your top speed increases when you collect Rings in a Battle. Attack Resistance reduces the damage or duration of an attack from another player.


How do I get new Runners?

You get new Runners by collecting Runner Cards from Chests. Once you have the required number of cards, the Runner will unlock automatically and become available for selection in a battle. Any additional cards can then be used to upgrade the Runner.


What are Trophies for?

Trophies are awarded at the end of each Battle and measure your overall success in the game. You gain Trophies if you finish first or second and lose Trophies if you finish third or fourth. You can compare your Trophies with other players by checking the leaderboards.

Trophies are used for matchmaking. When you start a new Battle, you will be matched against players who have a similar number of Trophies to you.


What are Tiers?

Tiers are used to measure a player's progress in the game. Players must have a set number of Trophies in order to move into each Tier. Players can also drop back to lower Tiers if their trophy count falls below the Tier's requirement.

Moving into a new Tier unlocks one or more new Tracks. The contents of each Chest also increase each time the player moves up a Tier.


How do Seasons work?

To enter a Season, become a Specialist by reaching Tier 4. Qualify for the Season reward by winning 3 battles, and you'll be able to collect your reward at the end of the Season.

Keep track of your Seasons progress at the top of the Tiers menu. Keep winning those battles to get a better reward!

There are three additional Prestige Tiers starting at Master, Tier 8. At the end of the Season any additional Trophies earned in these Tiers are converted into Prestige Points, a permanent score for your profile. Your Trophy count is then reset back to 4000 when the next Season begins.


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