Gameplay FAQ

How do I deal Damage?

Deal damage by tapping the screen! The faster you go, the more damage you deal.

How do I unlock Superstars?

You unlock Superstars by collecting shards or finding their full card. The quickest way is to open packs, but you can complete objectives or beat Challengers to earn shards, too. 

How do I hire unlocked Superstars?

Go to your Cards tab, tap the Superstar’s card, and then tap the Superstar you want to replace in your current roster. Then, you need to pay the hire cost or can watch an ad to skip the hire cost. If the new Superstar is a higher level than the old Superstar, then you can hire them for free. 

How do Superstars fight?

Automatically! Superstars deal damage based on their damage and attack speed stats. Superstars even fight while you’re away, which earns you idle cash. 

What do I do with cash?

Level up! Spend cash to level up yourself or your Superstars and make them stronger. Each level increases their base stats, like damage and health. Certain levels give big boosts to damage and health, and very special levels unlock passive skills.

What are passive skills?

Passive skills are boosts that you earn when reaching a certain level. A boost can be extra damage, health, faster attack speed, better signature move damage or effect, extra cash, all sorts of stuff. Each Superstar has their own unique combination of passive skills.

What are affinities?

Affinities are one-way boosts that a Superstar gets when certain people are in the ring. As an example, The Rock gets a boost when Mick Foley is in the ring because The Rock has an affinity with Mick, but Mick Foley doesn’t gain any boost from The Rock because Mick doesn’t have an affinity with The Rock. Combine different Superstars to maximize their affinity bonuses.

What are perks and perk points?

Perks are upgradable boosts. Each Superstar has a unique set of 4 perks. Your Superstar unlocks tons of perks but only through prestiging. Perks are active as long as a Superstar is in the ring. To unlock and upgrade perks, you need to collect and spend perk points. The easiest way to get perk points is by prestiging. You can also earn perk points through objectives, free packs, daily rewards, and the shop.

What are event points?

Event points will automatically unlock item boosts for your superstar. The boosts are listed on the Edit Superstar screen on the Head, Body or FX tabs. The amount of event points needed to automatically unlock item boosts is displayed in white text underneath each item. 

I still want to learn more.

Please check out the game’s reddit at or the game’s wikia at

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