Live Events!

There’s an awesome Live Event going on. How do I join?

You can easily join Live Events by going to the Events tab, which is the second from the right with the word “Events” written on it. Once in the Events tab, tab the button to view the event and then to join the event.

To join events, you need to have prestiged at least once. All players inside the event start by prestiging, so everyone begins at Stage 1 to create a level playing field.


When do Live Events happen?

Live events tend to follow the WWE Universe.

The beginning of the week is always either a RAW week or a SmackDown Live week. If the event is on Monday, it’s a RAW week. If the event is on Tuesday, it’s a SmackDown Live week. The two alternate, so if this week is RAW, next week is SmackDown Live.

Thursday is a type-based event. This means all opponents in the ring--local talent and main events--will be only 1 type. The Brawler event is all brawlers. To do well in these events, make sure to use the type Brawlers are weak against, Powerhouses.

Saturday is either an Era event or a special PPV. Era events showcase the best of WWE history, with events like the Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression Era, or even the New Era, along with a special event focused on WWE Legends. These events contain only Superstars who competed during the specific Era.

If a PPV airs on Sunday, then the Saturday event will be overwritten by the PPV, which will feature only opponents from the PPV card and very special, limited time packs only available during the event. Make sure to play in these events.

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